Know How You Can Prevent Mold in Your Home

MOLD! Maybe you have noticed in the shower or while going to bed at night, you looked at your ceiling and caught a glimpse of mold. Maybe you have found it in your paper towel. The location may vary but one thing is constant, mildew and mold are commonly found throughout the home.

It is certainly possible for you to clean up the mold after is has been established, the process can get quite costly and may require professional help as well as your time. This means the best course of action is prevention.

Try investing in antimicrobial products

Investing in antimicrobial technology is your best line of defence against mold. Most of these products exhibit Microban technology that is built to be inhospitable for microbes. Mold and mildew won’t even have a chance to grow.

Microban technology usually lasts for the entire life of the product – so, it doesn’t matter if you use it for 10 days or 10 years. Your floors should not be different. Viva Tiles flooring options are backed by a Microban technology that makes it impossible for molds to grow. Talk to us to know more.

Image: Viva Vinyl Flooring options backed by Microban technology

Read our presentation below to know all 5 ways to prevent mild on your home.